Thursday, February 20, 2014


Well it is February 20th 2014 and I can NOT wait for football season to start again.  It's crazy, conversation around our dinner table sometimes include talk about trades, drafts, and who's staying and who's going?????  REALLY  

Here are some pictures I found on my phone.
 Celebrating BLUE FRIDAY......which I secretly want to continue.  I have worn my 12th fan jersey for 18 weeks straight and a few Mondays as well.....Everyone needs blue and green popcorn!  It even tasted like Skittles.  We went to two different stores looking for skittles to add to this treat.  To make this popcorn, you need kool aid and I forgot to get it when we were at the store. My amazing husband went back to get it and guess what they had blue kool aid but not green.  He went to 4 different stores looking for it and never did find any.  We made it work with food coloring.
 Thank you Costco for the yummy treats.
My favorite 12th man fan!!!!  I love that he has taught me so much about the game and every Sunday you will find us on the couch watching football.

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