Thursday, February 20, 2014


Well it is February 20th 2014 and I can NOT wait for football season to start again.  It's crazy, conversation around our dinner table sometimes include talk about trades, drafts, and who's staying and who's going?????  REALLY  

Here are some pictures I found on my phone.
 Celebrating BLUE FRIDAY......which I secretly want to continue.  I have worn my 12th fan jersey for 18 weeks straight and a few Mondays as well.....Everyone needs blue and green popcorn!  It even tasted like Skittles.  We went to two different stores looking for skittles to add to this treat.  To make this popcorn, you need kool aid and I forgot to get it when we were at the store. My amazing husband went back to get it and guess what they had blue kool aid but not green.  He went to 4 different stores looking for it and never did find any.  We made it work with food coloring.
 Thank you Costco for the yummy treats.
My favorite 12th man fan!!!!  I love that he has taught me so much about the game and every Sunday you will find us on the couch watching football.

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day!  I love the decorations, the hearts, flowers, everything in pink and red.  Celebrating and creating traditions is such fun.  Carter and Lily both enjoy choosing their Valentine's weeks before the big day and creating something special for their classmates.  This year they both made their Valentine's instead of me making them and they sign their names.  Lily created her own tags to go with her Valentines.  I love watching them having such fun creating something sweet to share.  Each is very particular about what they like.

Here are their Valentine's this year.

 Carter wanted Minions!  He helped me glue everything together and draw their black eyes.

Lily looked through my Pinterest board and found these.  The tags say, "Don't every change" and the bags are full of gold chocolate coins.  

Jason always gives me a bad time because my kids don't know what boxed valentines are.  Each year we always make our own.  When we picked Lily up from school, she said, "Mom, no one makes their valentines.  They're all store bought.  Can you believe that?"  I asked her if she wanted to start just buying them and she looked at me like I was crazy.  The sad thing is she will probably only make Valentine's for her class one more time.  Hopefully as she gets older she will still want to make a few for special friends......I'm not ready to think about that she might want to make one for a boy.

Wearing our special Valentine clothes.  Really just making mom happy!

 Kindergarten and 4th grade

 Books and Legos for both!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Family Pictures

This year Katelyn had a wonderful idea to give my Mom and Dad family pictures for Christmas.  She has a friend that takes pictures and Lauren did an amazing job.  I love them all.  I can't wait to get our canvas and hang it on the wall.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Bowl Parade

I want to remember this day for the rest of my life!  

Snacks: Check
Blankets: Check
Many Layers, new hats & gloves: Check
Chairs: Check
Seahawks Poster with Glitter: Check

We were headed for the 6:45 train. It was going to be a great day!!!  

That is until Lily gets sick in the back seat.  Poor thing.  She gets motion sickness in the mornings so we thought she just needed more food in her tummy.  So we continued with our adventure.  The wind was blowing and it was around 26 degrees.  We missed the 6:45 train because about 1,000 or so other people that were waiting in line to get tickets for the train.  
We arrived at King Station, you could feel the excitement in the air.  Everyone was dressed in Seahawks gear.  We found a place to sit and snuggled in.  Then my friend, Allison texts me and they are just around the corner.  So we moved to sit by them.
 Allison and I.  
Rob, who became known as "Flag Man" were running the flags up and down the street.  We had to find ways to entertain ourselves.  People watching can only keep you busy for so long.  We arrived 4 hours before the parade actually started.  It was during this time that Lily continue to not feel well.  We soon realize it wasn't motion sickness and maybe a bug.  Poor thing is going to remember the parade for puking in the street and losing a blanket.  She tried to hang in there but eventually we decided that she needed to go home.  Small problem, we rode the train into Seattle and it wasn't leaving again until 2:30.  Thank goodness my mom works at Starbucks corporate and it was only a mile away.  Lily and I walked to her office and then my dad came and picked us up.  
Every little boy at  parade needs a loud horn!!!
My favorite boys!!  So glad they were able to experience this!
Our friend Rob and other friends.
Gavin and Carter
 making NOISE!!!
Lynch sitting on the front of a duck, throwing Skittles.
 Wide Receivers: Baldwin, Rice, & Tate
 Golden Tate, one of my favorite players.  Classy, well spoken, and a terrific player.
 Russel Wilson!!!!!!  "Why not us??"  Words to live by.
 MVP Malcom Smith at the end
 Operation Skittles!  The bottom of the plane says, "Go Hawks!"  Not to mention all the other details that were put into the plane.  This plane flew over Century Link at the end of the parade.  Jason said it was very low.

My FAVORITE player #25 Richard Sherman!!  There are so many wonderful things I can say about him.  He is such a talented person on and off the field.

I want to remember every moment, every feeling and all of the excitement.  I didn't actually get to see the parade in person but watched it on TV.  Jason brought the pictures home and now I feel like I was there with the 700,000 other 12th man fans!!  


Jason and Carter waited 2+ hours to catch a train back to Auburn.  Worth every minute in the freezing cold.  

Carter's favorite moment: Blowing the horn, making noise and trying to catch Skittles from Marshawn Lynch.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

Playing with Photo Booth on my laptop always brings many laughs.  Here is just a few of the many we took.
I believe this is called Frog Face.

We found a new game to play called Creationary by Lego.  Think Pictionary with Legos.  Carter loved this game and of course he was quite good.
This is Jason's version of a computer, what you can't see if the cord connection the monitor to the CPU.
And only my son would see a coffee pot and make an espresso machine.....yep those were his exact words.  
Beyblades from Grammy and Papa
Uncle Anthony and Auntie Katelyn know Lily well and bought her clothes.
The boys playing with the Beyblades.
I love this pictures.  Carter was very interested in what Papa was doing.  (He's slicing the Prime Rib, of which Carter then had 5+ helpings.  Next year, he gets to sit next to Uncle Anthony!)
Christmas Jammies and time for bed!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Celebrations

We started the month of December by going to our local tree lighting.  Of course the first week of December was the coldest we've had in a very long time.  But we bundled up and went to see the lights.  There were carolers, cookies and crafts.  This will become part of our holiday tradition.

I won tickets to "The Lights of Christmas."  It was a drive but worth every minute.  The lights are displayed over 15 acres with over 1 million lights.  It was beautiful.  

We made ornaments.  Lily made a snowman.
Carter worked so carefully to make Santa.

Annual Cookie Baking
 Chloe didn't want to miss out on the action or crumbs!!
 We decided to bake the sugar cookies before going to Grammy's house.  Everyone got in on the frosting.
 Seahawk Sunday so of course we had to frost some to look like footballs.  Carter is getting tips from Auntie Katelyn.
Go SEAHAWKS!!!!  Unfortunately our cookie festivities didn't help them win.

Then right before Christmas, we went to Snowflake Lane to watch the drummer boys.  
We went to the Melting Pot for dessert.  It was sooooo much fun.  I'm sure the kids will want to do this again soon. :)
Lily was very serious about dipping her treats in chocolate.
It is nice to see the boy smiling!!  It has been a rough couple of weeks with him and his stomach pains.  I wasn't sure he would even eat the treats but he did and he loved it.